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   institute for addiction study
   phoenix recovery

   Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

   Addiction Innoculation, by Jessica LaHey. Substance effects and prevention for adolescents. Parents, read!
   Think Again, by Adam Grant. Why and how we should rethink and test our opinions. 
   When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chodran. A classic for when normal falls apart.
   Its OK That You’re Not OK, by Megan Devine. The best grieving book I have read.
   Beautiful Boy, by David Scheff. A father tells the story of his now recovered son. Painful, beautiful, real.



“Pleasure Unwoven”. An excellent primer on the neuroscience of addiction.
“Memo to Self”. Recovery takes preemptive dedication. Both from the Institute for Addiction Study


Anna Lembke, MD on The Neuroscience of Addiction, Dopamine Fasting & The Opioid Crisis
Understanding addiction medicine fundamentals as explained by a leader in the field.

An interview with Clay on In Joels Steps and grief


An interview by Clay with grief counselor Martina Barnes

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