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Day 63, Aug 31, Ora, SC.

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. Yes, international. It blew me away when I first learned that 50% of deaths world wide under the age of 50 are related to addiction (source, Dr Anna Lenmbke, Rich Roll podcast, link on InJoelSteps website). Today we crossed into our last state, SC, the home state of Joel’s son and the reason we are finishing the cross country journey in Charleston. We will leave some of Joel’s ashes, that I have carried in my pack each day, there, as he left his heart there with his son.

I was joined by good friend @Terry Foxworth for this last leg. He is biking the completion of his own interrupted Trans Am ride this summer. His company is treasured and makes load lighter. It makes me ask myself, whose load might I lighten by dovetailing my journey with theirs?

Addiction is a treatable brain disease that disables sound decision-making.


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