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Day 58, Aug 26, Goodlettsville, TN.

Rest day. Catch up day. The respite from the car and road focus in the outdoor steam room feels like a long slow exhale. Ahhh. Catching up on chores and communications while resting the legs, back, arms and mind is so soothing. Our daughter #LayneSanders joins us tomorrow - excited! Tonight we get to visit with #JulieHuneycutt, a friend from Hendersonville, NC and director of #HopeCoalition. She is in Nashville now for the 2021 Drug Endangered Children Conference. She has invited us to join her group at dinner with Sam Quinones, author of “Dreamland” from 2015 researching the origins of the Opioid Crisis surging through this country now. As a related note, a link on the website has been placed to a great podcast on addiction between Rich Roll and Dr Anna Lembke, a Stanford psychiatrist and author of the just released “Dopamine Nation”.

For those friends following in NC, I did some route work last night and was truly surprised to see we may be in Asheville, NC as early as Aug 31. Yikes. Coming to the last leg and still so much to do. For today’s photos I chose several of Joel. He is the reason we are here, continuing In Joel’s Steps to help others trapped by substance addiction. I’ll be back in the steam bath tomorrow, but for now, I’m not, and instead, rehydrating and refueling. I’m “re’ing”.

I raise my non-alcoholic near beer in a toast with you to “Re’ing”.

Substance addiction is a treatable brain disease that disables sound decision-making.


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