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Day 59, Aug 27, near Cookeville, TN.

Another hot one but I rode until my princess joined us - nothing like that for positive motivation! Our daughter Layne Auman Braunstein drove 4 hours this morning from Louisville, KY to see us for the afternoon and early tomorrow morning before she has to return for weekend commitments. Such an encouraging delight to have her with us. And the anticipation made the whole day, even the part in the steam room, on unpredictably broken roads, chasing dogs, and honking drivers feel special and lighter.

Pleasant surprises are always nice, but when you can plan and aim for something it extends the enjoyment that much longer doesn’t it? It pushes a future event into the present as well. Someone recovering and the someone supporting that person both need something to hope for, to aim at, to believe in. Otherwise the rising steam temperatures, broken macadam, snarling dogs, and aggressive drivers really wear you down. We can each be the encourager and the one hoped for for someone. And in the isolating, scary, confusing, and lonely world of SUD, we can be a life-saver.

Addiction is a brain disease.

It disable decision making.

It is treatable.

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